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Brian McCormick

Web Developer


  • Marketing & Communications


More about Brian McCormick

Brian McCormick is a Web Developer at Loyola University New Orleans.

  • He maintains various web properties for an esteemed Jesuit University (~1750,000 web pages).
  • Brian creates HTML emails and maintains various email platforms (myEmma, Unbounce, Gmail).
  • He provides training to university staff and faculty in web technologies (Drupal, Adobe CC).
  • Brian provides custom solutions when existing components are not providing an acceptable outcome.


20+ years of web design and front-end development experience delivering websites and software applications.

Extensive experience designing and developing UI/UX design systems, components, and custom elements.

Comprehensive experience in design, illustration, animation, and optimization of various web graphic formats, including SVGs.

Considerable background in website redesign, including goal and concept development, project management, content creation,
and migration.

Vast experience with front-end design and development utilizing HTML5, CSS/Sass, and JavaScript with a focus on mobile-first, responsive, semantic markup, and web accessibility standards.

Fluent in writing legible, modular, and cohesive code and documentation.

20+ years of seasoned experience with major web browsers and cross-browser/cross-device debugging skills.

Experience in writing dynamic web interfaces; creating customizable Sass-based responsive frameworks (Edifice); design backend admin interfaces of enterprise CMS (Outposter).

Capable with front-end build automation systems (NPM, Grunt, Gulp).

Broad knowledge of front-end boilerplates (Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI).

Adept knowledge of various CMS platforms (Drupal, CMSMS, Outposter, WordPress).

Competent with various JavaScript libraries.

Substantial experience developing, testing, and optimizing HTML email templates on various platforms (Constant Contact, CloudHQ, Gmail, MailChimp, and myEmma).

Fluent with Google Analytics (goals, reporting, personalization).

Skilled in version control systems (GIT,  SVN).

Expert-level knowledge of various graphic design and UI/UX prototyping applications (Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, QuarkXPress, Sketch).

Award-winning talent in traditional print and digital Graphic Design and Illustration (Brand Development, Books, Brochures, Logos, Animations, Advertisements, and Icons).

Skilled in photography and associated image editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Adobe Lightroom).

Working experience in various video and motion graphic applications (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, HitFilm Express).

Fluent in all Google Workspace and Microsoft Office production tools and applications.

Active personal exploration in media arts asset creation, rigging, and development (Blender, Substance, Unity, Unity3D).

Strong analytical, creative, communication, troubleshooting, and collaboration skills.

Highly adept in translating technical concepts and jargon into nonprofessional terms.