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Loyola Colors

color palette sampleLoyola’s official university colors are maroon and gold.

The expanded primary color palette goes beyond Loyola’s fall-like school colors to include lush, vibrant hues consistent with our spirited city and semi-tropical location: true red, coral, rose, blush, peaches, lemons, and mangoes.

primary color palette

Loyola’s primary palette can be used in text as well as solid blocks of color.

Tips for color palette and type:

  • Do not use tints of approved colors.
  • Do not use pastels.
  • Use primarily black and reversed white for body copy.
  • Do not feature gold or yellow type on a white background.
tertiary palette

Only use tertiary colors as design accent elements or in photos as  backgrounds, wardrobe, props, or other embellishments within images and illustrations.

metallic gold color swatch

loyola metallic gold

Loyola’s official metallic gold is PMS 873. This deep, antique gold may be approximated on digital platforms with discretion, but should never be replicated in CMYK as the color does not translate in process.