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Marketing Request Forms

Project Request Form  Marketing Approval Submission


How can we help?

Please use the following two forms to contact our office and submit your request.

Project Request Form

The Office of Marketing and Communications is here to help you promote your department and represent the Loyola brand. If you need help marketing your program or creating new collateral, we can provide you with graphic design, social media, paid advertising, website development, content creation, video production, and other marketing services. To request help from the Office of Marketing and Communications, please submit a project request form.

When to use it: 

  • If you have an idea or new program and need help executing a promotional campaign.
  • If you need help producing marketing collateral like signs, graphics, and website pages.
  • If you’d like support to update existing marketing materials that are outdated.

Details to include: 

  • The name of your department and contact info for primary stakeholder
  • A name for the project and description of your needs
  • The timeline for completion, including the first draft and final deadline
  • Specifications like size, quantity, and any other requirements 
  • Your budget – be specific! 
  • Any associated files or other notes

If you previously submitted a proposal through the Marketing Request Form, it will be addressed, and you will be notified about its status. 

Project Request Form


Marketing Approval Form

If you are creating your own marketing materials, you will need to submit the Marketing Approval Form so that all artwork can be reviewed by the Office of Marketing and Communications before going into production. Approval is required before your project can go to purchasing. Please allow two weeks for internal review. Marketing will respond to client requests on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When to use it:

  • Your team has designed new promotional materials internally (e.g., signs, logos, email newsletters, giveaway items, etc.). 
  • You updated existing marketing materials with new graphics and/or content.
  • You had an outside company design new marketing materials for your department. 

Make sure your design follows our brand guide

Details to include:

  • The event date and deadline for your project (if it’s not an event, use the deadline for both dates)
  • Contact information for the project’s primary stakeholder
  • Type of marketing materials, logo usage, and quantity
  • The FRS number associated with your department
  • Attach the files you would like to have approved
  • Note if you’re willing to pay to convert your provided files (some printers and projects like embroidery for clothing require special file types other than .jpg or .eps and will need to be converted)

Marketing Approval Submission